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our services

High Quality

Fast courier

High quality fast courier services inside UAE and competitive prices through a wide spread local network enhanced with tracking and a follow- up system along with high security level methods

Integrated solutions

Across the country

Integrated solutions for various agencies across the country and thats through the overall management of all transactions including the receipt and clearance of transactions and delivery

Logistic support

Daily workflow

Logistic support through managing incoming and outgoing messages to ensure the fluency of the daily workflow, thus increasing production efficiency through the latest methods and highest quality that fit with the security and the confidentiality of the data

Type of Shipments

We are handling these kinds of shipments

  • All paper documents
  • Closed packages
  • Passports
  • License and identity cards (bank cards in future)
  • The output of all electronic services

Me Courier

Me Services, a company licensed by Emirates post group to manage postal services such as: transferring documents and delivering packages to the customers .the company; has a distinct cadre of staff who are able to provide a high quality service company; has a distinct cadre of staff who are able to provide a high quality service to all the customers under the name of Me Courier.Me Courier service is to provide a high quality service when it comes to delivering transactions and documents

Our Values

Customer satisfaction

To take under account work ethics in all the situations and to provide the best solutions that not only meets customers' needs but also exceed their expectations

Time management

We are committed to meet customers' needs in the expected time and with a high quality of service

Trust and commitment

our commitment to transparency, sincerity and integrity,and compliance to the laws and government regulations


We are working continuously on boosting creativity and the innovation to improve our services to the highest standards